SPR Now Representing Accessories Brand Lo Progeny

The winter 2017 season is off to a healthy start for 11-year-old boutique Public Relations Agency, Suite Public Relations, and its staff, headed by Creative Director Janelle Langford. This New York-based agency that is known to have garnered placement in publications such as Vogue, WWD, and Glamour, is pleased to announce their newest client, accessories brand, Lo Progeny. Promotion of this Vancouver based client includes out-of-the-box strategies that bring a broader awareness to the center of the brand.

Lo Progeny is a brand that brings fashion to its roots of craftsmanship and individual expression. A brand that proudly recruits the skills and expertise that factories in China have been assembling over the years. A brand that does not try to dictate what people should wear, but instead, looks at the wearers as the ultimate inspiration. “Our intent is simple,” states the Lo sisters. “To listen intently to the wearer, design with deliberation, then to seek out manufacturers and suppliers with the heart to help us reach our ambition.”

Iris and Demi Lo, masterminds behind Lo Progeny, have been immersed in the fashion industry all their lives. Their mother runs a small garment factory, and their father started his career in textile merchandising. Ever since they were children, they were exposed to realities of production. Since the company’s inception in 2016, they have taken the fashion accessories world by storm. The sisters spent the last two years developing their designs and building relationships with their suppliers. To better understand the craftsmen producing the world’s fashion dreams, Demi dedicated six months as an intern at a factory in China, which manufactures for notable brands such as Alexander Wang, St. John’s, DKNY, and even Vancouver’s Kit + Ace.