SUITE Client: PK by Pearson Knight

Suite PR is elated to welcome PK by Pearson Knight to our client roster.

After years of development and testing, Pearson Knight has created and released the perfect formulas to achieve everyday beauty with high-fashion performance. PK by Pearson Knight is a reflection of Pearson’s nomadic lifestyle, sense of adventure, and honest values. This product line allows one to express creativity, all while being free spirited and playful. With a mantra of “nothing matters, but everything counts,” Knight is all about breaking stereotypes and inspiring his consumers to live free.

The product line includes:

Beach Grit volume & texture spray - It allows you to enhance natural waves by misting damp or dry hair from the root to tip. (Price: $28)

Good for: Looking like your hair is on vacation - at the beach 

Sculpture Foam curl and styling elixir - It provides weightless definition, volume and strong hold distribution. (Price: $36)

Straight Shine blowout lotion - It gives you the perfect blowout look by applying into hands and distributing evenly through damp hair and then blow drying. (Price: $36)

Good for: Getting straight to the point. 

Texture Mud tame and texture pomade – It helps you achieve effortless texture by applying into palms and working through damp or dry hair to define and shape. (Price: $28)

Good for: Skipping the shower and heading straight to the party. 

Products can be found at the PK by Pearson Knight website.

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