Preparing for Market. How does YOUR girl shop

Anushka Sachdev shares the 3 Profiles Of Millennial Female, US Consumers. What they buy, what their values are and what drives/motivates them.

Written By Professor Wendy Bendoni and Macala Wright, Sketches By Erin Perry

Millennials have become the most powerful, brand savvy consumer group around the globe. These hyperconnected, collaborative consumers are not consumers of traditional media. They are not interested in traditional women’s magazines like Cosmopolitan or reality tv shows like The Real Housewives of Orange County. Today’s millennials watch Netflix and skim BuzzFeed.

In order to run a successful fashion brand or retail store, the most important thing for a designer or buyer to know – and understand – is the people for which they are designing or buying apparel. Trends have a big impact on what women wear now, but also on what they wear over the course of time. What women wear represents who they are as people. Below, we have created three profiles of millennial women, ages 18 to 34, to show you who they are, what they value and what is in their closets.